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Mobile App to Manage Your Onfield employees On-The-Go!

It is a solution designed to track your field employee’s attendance and activities real time with their current location. We use GPS (Global positioning satellite) and RFID sensors to understand location and Geo tag each of the activities. For example, understanding reporting patterns of your onsite employees and tracking attendance for multiple project sites. Use our existing RollCallGo mobile app or build custom application for your sales force, delivery boys, maintenance schedules, client visits, emergency workers or service industry. We can customise reporting forms to capture unique business processes and activities on the go through your mobile phones or tablets. So no more running blind with your on-field employees. Stream line how you collect your on field data and monitor every step of the process.

Total workforce management system

Track your employees with GPS based attendance tracking, project mapping, location logs, geo fenced attendance, GPS plus geo-tagging of photo onsite. Cloud based attendance tracking to help you access data from anywhere without any interruptions. Set reporting hierarchy, job scheduling, and much more. Increase the accountability of each employee as you can now track and understand your process. Choose our cloud workforce management solution to optimise the productivity of your onfield workforce.

Sales workforce management

Gain insights into your customer data and their preferences and increase you forecasting accuracy, making your sales force intelligent and visionary. Build sales pipeline which matters and increase the conversion manifold by pinpointing competition and validate with LIVE onfield data. Manage delays in interacting with hot leads and conversion data and optimise the process to avoid delays in sending quotes or follow-ups. Thereby increasing the sales productivity and the revenue of the organisation.

Activity register

Submit field reports and other activity on the go. RollCall’s android based apps help you create a detailed register of the activities carried out by each of your on field employees. On field employees can also click photos of the site (product, cheque, etc.) and upload it. Schedule services or jobs, access service history, inventory levels, completed task status, Upcoming schedules, take digital signature from customer with ease from our cloud system. Gather all actionable information, real time as it happens.

Manage with analytics

Take immediate actions with real time and authentic data. Manage your work better with graphical analyses. Understand each aspect of your employee’s performance better with various different graphs. You can create insightful reports to make informed decisions. Easily identify areas of improvement and ensure continuous improvement.

Optimized resource planning

Execute each of your plans successfully. You can now see the status of the process that is in place. Increases the response time and thereby helping you make the right decisions at the right time. Schedule and keep track of what is planned with ease. Stay connected with your employees with mobile app based features that help in workforce optimization. Plan better and increase productivity.

All This starting at Just
INR 30 / employee / month

Screen Shots

Our in house team can build the features and solutions you need.

These are actual screenshots of the interface as each user will see it once they login.

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