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Multiple branch integrated attendance

A software to help you track attendance of different branches across locations from a single point. Give away with using multiple software for multiple locations. Forget hassles of handling these multiple branches and integrate all of it to one place.


Forget about manual errors made while compiling data from various branches. Accurately calculate and summarize worked hours, OT hours, bonus hours, lost hours, etc. An integrated attendance and payroll solution that can help you collect data accurately and process it hassle free. Manage all of it accurately from a single point.

Single interface for all your branches

Simplify the process of handling multiple branches. With an easy to understand and easy to use interface, RollCall makes managing attendance and payroll a child’s play. You no longer need to worry about managing attendance and processing payroll of various branches spread across the globe. Manage all your branches from a single point.

Time & Cost Effective

Save on time, energy and money. Execute your business plans easily as we help you take out your focus from the daily mundane activities. RollCall helps you manage your attendance and helps you process payroll with just a click. Saving precious time and energy that would go into it.

The E-way

Saving the planet has never been so easy. Go paperless with RollCall and help contribute to your environment. Save on resources and also cut down on cost to company. Create a win-win situation for both, your organisation and your surrounding. Do your bit and help save planet earth.

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