5 ways to deal with an employee coming late

by Amrit Hallan posted on 12th April 2019
Employee coming late

Are some of your employees chronically late?

As a growing business, you depend on your employees to run your business operations efficiently. Late employees don't just put a dent in their own productivity, they can also cause a ripple effect, causing a sense of disenchantment and disillusionment among other employees.


Aggregating HR Intelligence On The Cloud

Collaborated by Hirak and John Thomas posted on 13th March 2019
Data to Insights

Consider this ‐ You are the CHRO of a midsized company. Your company has been going through a profitability slump and it has been quite difficult to attract or retain top talent. Attrition is at an all-time high and competition is making the best use of honed talent from your company. You have presented all the figures backing this to the CEO but he is busy firefighting with the CFO. What more could you do to rectify this pressing problem ?


3 Strategies to Motivate Employees at Work

by Parth Shah posted on 26th February 2019
Employee motivation factors

I was always keen on understanding what drove employees at work. My study brought me to a very interesting report. The report was primarily a study on employee motivation carried out by TinyPulse - a company known for its employee engagement surveys.


6 Better Ways to manage Time & Attendance policy at Work

by Parth Shah posted on 7th February 2019

It has been a juggling issue for HR managers or business owners to manage employee's attendance and time policies. It is especially difficult in the Indian scenario where many things are consumed by the employee at an emotional level.


Who Moved my “HR”!

by Snobbin Jacob posted on 7th July 2016

The hard truth of life that many of us face (or shy from) is change! Change is inevitable yet we would want things to be just the way they are. We do not want to get out of our comfort zone. We like the same old way of doing things. Of course changing would mean a lot of efforts. Efforts that go into training the new way of doing things and also unlearning what has been learnt and followed all this while. So how does one deal with change?


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