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Android apps for attendance

Our specialized apps help you log attendance with minimum efforts. Our GPS, NFC based apps help you track your outdoor employees activities. It also helps the employees to punch in from their outdoor location on their mobile phones via the app. Stay connected to your onfield employees and provide them support from anywhere. We try to make your journey to the top an easy one.

Anytime, Anywhere access

Clock-in, Access data, and do much more from anywhere at anytime. Don’t have to travel to your head office before going to the site for attendance. Clock-in directly from the project site (Client site). We ensure that onfield employees can access information needed to do their job at their fingertips. Save valuable time and energy by accessing any data easily from anywhere with our cloud based secured platform. Logs synced to RollCall to generate various reports and to process payroll.

Employee self-service

View attendance reports, add job logs, requisition leave, view all approvals and permissions. Explore the ease of this mobile world with android based apps from RollCall. Helps employees access relevant information that they are authorized to view. Enlighten your employees with latest company news, rules and much more on their fingertips. Make use of technology to simplify the flow of information and communicate with ease.

Increased Transparency

Create a healthy work culture by increasing the transparency of the organisation. Understand how much effort each of your on field employees are putting and reward them fairly. Reward your employees what they deserve and increase motivation for your employees.

A perfect fit for you

We understand your business is unique and so are your requirements. From managing your mobile sales workforce to on-field project workforce, we have got a perfect solution for each of them. Customise forms to suit your requirements and capture only the data that you require. With a simple user interface, you don’t even have to worry about training your employees to use them.

RFID based attendance management

Make any android phones a RFID attendance machine. Download the RollCall App and connect our RFID dongle to your android phones. And you have your RFID attendance machine on the go! Carry your dongle to different project sites and collect attendance data live from the site. Employees just have to tap their RFID cards on the dongle to register their attendance

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