Biometric / RFID devices with payroll

Bioenable-I Face

Face recognition time attendance system iFace is unique face recognition access control system from Bienable Technology leader in the time attendance and access control system.This Face & Fingerprint Time Attendance System iFace latest in the series for face recognition device . iFace is multi-biometric identification Time Attendance and Access control is integrated with 630MHz high speed multi bio processor. All operation of iFace are designed to be performed on the 4.3 TFT touch screen.

  • Identification methods includes Face, Finger , card and Password.
  • 6 user defined Function Key.
  • Web server software management via IE browser.
  • Infra-red optical system enables user identification in poorly lit environments.
  • Display: 4.3.inches TFT screen
  • Face Capacity: 400
  • Finger capacity: 2000
  • ID card capacity: 10000
  • Transaction Capacity: 100000 log
  • Communication: TCP/IP , 2 USB host
  • Standard Function: Camera ,built in battery, web server
  • Optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS,
  • Wiegand Signal: Output

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